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"No. 1 Hi-tech Security Technology Service Company in Nigeria"

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We Offer State of the Art Surveillance Products & Services

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Electronic Bollards System, Automatic Sliding Doors, Electric Fence System ETC.

Looking for quality and affordable security gadgets?

About Snawtech Solutions Limited

Snawtech Solutions Limited is the No. 1 Hi-tech Security Technology Service Company in Nigeria. We have built a solid reputation in Nigeria as the go to company for a wide range of Security, Surveillance and Industrial Protection Systems, Electrical & Electronics, Sales and Installation Services. We deploy our solutions as turnkey systems and provide services to enterprises, industries, governmental organizations and individuals.

We help organizations achieve their goals by ensuring business operations and premises are safe and conducive. What more? We ensure all projects executed by us is supervised by our team of experts to guarantee customer satisfaction and up to standard. Our Impeccable history of excellence is what makes us stand out. We are the biggest supplier of the latest technological security gadgets in Nigeria and we have holistically been able to address security and surveillance with our products and services.

What We Do At Snawtech Solutions Limited

Surveillance System

Snawtech Solutions Limited specializes in CCTV surveillance systems which ranges from stand-alone cameras to fully integrated security control centers and to the immerging IP addressable cameras, High definition cameras. Read More

Intercom System And Enteprise Networking Solutions

Any type of business, big or small, requires a fast and efficient communication system to be able to function well. Communication is a vital key in all business operation such as Read More

Electric Fence System

Irrespective of the sophistication of your internal security system, your perimeter protection and detection remains the first line of defense. By including perimeter protection and detection measures in a security system, you Read More

Gate, Traffic Barrier, Roller Shutter Automation

This is an electronic and fully automated device used to open and close gates/traffic barrier/ roller shutter system. They can be programmed to open and close with a wireless Read More

Metal Detectors

In countless places all over the country, including courtrooms, warehouses, factories, airports, schools, embassies, hospitals, government buildings, marine companies, oil companies, venue for special Read More

Under Vehicle Inspection System

Following the September 11 terrorist attack on the United State of America in 2001, organizations all over the world have seriously embrace security systems to protect their key installations and facilities, both domestic Read More

Fire Safety Equipment

The Advantages of fire protection are worth the investment for your location and for its occupants. Fire safety equipment has a big impact in reducing the average loss of life and property due to fire. Fire protection systems come in Read More

Electronic Bollards System

Bollards are short posts that guides traffic, these posts are programmed electronically, they rise from beneath the ground to block unauthorized vehicles access into a building with their deceptive slow rising action, they are perfect Read More

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding door systems provide extensive convenience and flexibility for effortless access without contact with the door. They are suitable for use in public entrance and exit for Hotels, Restaurant, Exhibition Read More

Biometric Time Attendance Machine

In recent times, some companies have practically gone down the drain as a result of staff nonchalant attitude to work, lateness and absenteeism and general unhealthy work attitude due to improper use of time. Read More

Hotel Card Lock System

Snawtech Solutions Limited has been at the forefront of driving key innovation within the hospitality industry by providing hotels with hotel lock systems that increase guest satisfaction and boost their overall value. We Read More

Inverters, Solar Panels, Solar Street Light, & Solar Water Heater

Snawtech Solutions Limited provide inverter that is better optimized for use with solar panels. A solar inverter is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct Read More


Elevators play an important role as a means of transporting passengers. It makes our life easier; let us work and go to different floors faster, allows us to move goods and luggages with ease and helps us feel comfortable and Read More